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Animajor Studios was formed in 2011 to explore a unique market niche for animation in Holographic Media, specifically for the innovative Dreamoc product created by our partners Realfiction. Currently Animajor is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company’s founder Yav Bonev, has worked in the CG industry for the past 6 years, after having completed in 2005 his BA in Animation at Ravensbourne College of Design in London, UK.

He has worked on a variety of projects all over the world (UK, New Zealand, Bulgaria). Some of these projects include digital effects for music videos, TV ads, Cinema Intros, Animated TV series, Architectural Visualisation, SpecialFX, etc. All of these experiences have culminated in creating Animajor - a company which shares the vision that 3D Holograms are the way of the future.


Apart from being a production studio, we are also an ideas factory. We thrive on creating unique and original concepts for our clients, as well as
providing creative animated content in all shapes and forms. Whether it’s just a cool spinning mobile phone with floating text around it or a
flying fire-breathing dragon, we are up for the challenge to be the best in the industry. Imagination is our limit.