Welcome to Animajor 

We create. Our tools? Computers and pencils.

Our medium? 3D Holographic Displays, Transparent
LCD screens and Augmented Reality.

We are on the brink of a new age in advertising.
The technology is here and we are using it to
alter your perceptions of what can be achieved.

Innovation is our motto.

Animajor Portfolio 

A collection of our work


CLIENT TESTIMONIALS | Impressions we have made around the globe.

 “We’ve worked with Animajor for a year now and since our partnership began we’ve undertaken a wide range of successful jobs together; the 3D animations that Animajor provides for our Dreamoc installations and rentals have all been brilliant with each and every client being totally satisfied with the results. Yav and his team are a pleasure to work with and always deliver both on budget and on time with first class support” - 

Neil Manwaring, Sales & Operations Director, Arcstream AV.

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Animajor info. 

Animajor Studios is an official reseller for Realfiction and also a production studio.